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Brazil judge abusive illegal says apple:

Brazil judge abusive illegal says apple:

A Brazilian judge said that when Apple Inc. sold new iPhones without power adapters, they did something “abusive and illegal.”

In a decision from April 12, a judge from Goias state in central Brazil, Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro, told the company to pay a customer who had filed a complaint 5,000 reais ($1,080).

In his decision, which was posted on a legal website, the judge said that the adapter is necessary for the iPhone to work properly and that the company is breaking local consumer law by taking it out of the boxes. The decision could cost the company a lot of money if it has to pay more Brazilian customers or start putting accessories in the products it sells there.

In response to an email sent to its press office, Apple said it had nothing to say.

When Apple released a new line of iPhones in 2020, it didn’t come with headphones or a charging adapter. The company said this was better for the environment. This argument was turned down by Pinheiro.

The judge said, “The claim that such a measure is meant to reduce the effects of environmental problems is pointless because the defendant continues to make an important accessory, but now sells it separately.”

He also disagreed with Apple’s claim that the USB-C cable only worked with its own products and couldn’t be used with power adapters made by other companies. He said that the device is different and can’t be used with any USB port.


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