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Tech coalition to create digital vaccination

Tech coalition to create digital vaccination

A group of health and technology groups are working together to make a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport. This will let businesses, airlines, and countries check to see if someone has gotten the vaccine. The Vaccination Credential Initiative, which was announced…

Tech CEO Killed By Assistant:

Tech CEO Killed By Assistant:

The police said that Fahim Saleh was stabbed and cut up in his Manhattan apartment by a former worker who had been fired for stealing $90,000. When the body parts of a young tech entrepreneur who had done business in…

Tech industry epic twoyear run:

Tech industry epic twoyear run

Look, this is my last post of 2019, and I’m exhausted. But I can’t let the year end without taking stock of how well tech stocks did this year. It was crazy. So let’s mark the end of the year…

The fractured tech lobby uphill:

The fractured tech lobby uphill

The Internet Association, which is the biggest lobbying group in Silicon Valley, is struggling to balance the different needs of the companies it represents at a time when the industry is facing anger from both parties. Why it matters: Tech…