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Why hire women in tech:

Why hire women in tech

Over the years, women have been encouraged to pursue technology. But today, there’s still a wide gap between men and women in tech. Even though women make up about 47% of the U.S. workforce, only 26.7% have jobs in the tech industry. According to…

Health 23m series ventures butcher:

Health 23m series ventures butcher:

We wrote about NUE Life Health’s $3.3 million seed round last year. NUE Life Health is a US-based telemedicine startup that is building a mental health platform with psychedelic-assisted therapies and an app that is powered by a graph database.…



A tech consultant at Target helps customers find personalized tech solutions by getting to know them, teaching them how to use products, and holding demo events. Employees in this role can learn how to communicate with guests in different ways…

How to get tech parts in miles morales:

How to get tech parts in miles morales:

Miles Morales gets our friendly neighborhood hero back into action in Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is bigger and better this time, with a secret twist. If you played the last Spider-Man game, you might remember that you could unlock and…

Which company is No 1 in technology?

Which company is No 1 in technology

Technological progress is a key part of economic growth, and almost every business sector has a need for new digital infrastructures. it is expected that tech industry revenue will go up. The International Data Corporation (IDC) says that by the…

Fear loathing tech startups:

Fear loathing tech startups

President Joe Biden has decided to put Lina Khan on the Federal Trade Commission. She is a law professor at Columbia University who has been backed by anti-Big Tech activists. Along with the recent hiring of Tim Wu as an…