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Chrissy stranger things dead body:

Chrissy stranger things dead body:

When Chrissy died in the first episode of season four of “Stranger Things,” actor Joseph Quinn was just as shocked as viewers. In fact, he thought Netflix wouldn’t let the show get away with it.

The actor who played Eddie Munson on the new season of “Stranger Things” told ScreenRant that during post-production, he was given the chance to see his character’s death.

“I remember that in the first ADR session I had, they asked if they should show me the death, and I said, “Sure, why not?” ScreenRant was told by Quinn. “They showed me, and I said, ‘There’s no way you’re going to get away with that, Netflix won’t let you do that.'”

Chrissy stranger things dead body:
Chrissy stranger things dead body:

Chrissy, played by Grace Van Dien, is the first character to die in “Stranger Things” season four. After being tormented by visions that play on Chrissy’s fear that her mother will criticize her body, the cheerleader is killed by the villain Vecna while buying drugs from Eddie’s trailer. Her death is horrible because Vecna kills his victims by pulling their minds into the Upside Down while their bodies in the real world float, twist, and break.

Quinn said that the way the person died was “fucking horrible” and that it was clear that the scene did make it into the show’s final cut. Chrissy isn’t the only one who dies in the same painful way as Chrissy. During the season, Vecna kills a few more people in the same way.

Chrissy stranger things dead body:

The cocreators and co-showrunners of “Stranger Things,” the Duffer brothers, told TV Line that Chrissy’s fate was already decided by the time they filmed a key scene between Quinn’s character, Eddie, and Chrissy in the forest. This scene showed how well the actors worked together and made Quinn and Chrissy fan favorites right away.

Matt Duffer told TV Line, “It’s pretty impressive what Grace was able to do with so few scenes to make people care as much as they did.”


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