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Court tim scott epic apple clover macrumorscook

Court tim scott epic apple clover macrumorscook

Epic also wants to hear from people in other fields.

Apple and Epic have made lists of possible witnesses for Epic Games’ lawsuit against allegedly anti-competitive App Store practices. It’s almost like a who’s who of the top people at both companies and beyond. Android news-jp says that Apple wants its CEO Tim Cook, senior vice president of software Craig Federighi, and former head of marketing Phil Schiller to testify in the case. Tim Sweeney and Mark Rein, both of whom work for Epic, as well as third-party witnesses from Facebook, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, would also be called to the stand.

Epic wants Tim Sweeney and other employees to testify, as well as Apple’s Eddy Cue and Scott Forstall, who used to be in charge of iOS software.

Apple said in a statement that its executives would show the “very positive impact” of the App Store and show that Epic broke its contract only to make money. Apple said that it was getting around security in a way that would have led to less competition, not more. Epic, on the other hand, said that the opposition to Apple’s policies had “gotten louder” and that this would show how much more competition was needed.

The trial is set to start on May 3, and executives may testify in person despite the pandemic. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez has said that the bench trial (one with no jury) is important enough that witnesses should be there.

There’s no guarantee that either side will get all the witnesses they want. But even if only a few of them show up, you can expect important (though not necessarily shocking) testimony at the trial. At the very least, this shows that Apple and Epic are sure that their top executives can handle being closely watched.


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