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How are cashews grown

How are cashews grown:

People on social media are going crazy today over something good: cashews grow on apples, which isn’t something most people know.

Colleen Ballinger, who you or your kids might know as Miranda Sings, the YouTube star with bright red lipstick, tweeted a picture of cashews in the middle of growing with the caption, “I was years old when I learned that this is how cashews grow.”

So, it didn’t take long for the photo to go viral.

And because the internet is the internet, the fact that the nuts look like old men with big hats didn’t go unnoticed.

How are cashews grown
How are cashews grown:

The photo is funny and scary at the same time. But, seriously, what in the world is going on there?!

What is cashew, and how does it grow?

A cashew isn’t really a nut at all; it’s a seed that grows on a cashew apple.

Cashew apples come from Brazil, where they grow on trees called Anacardium occidentale.

Here’s how they get to your grocery store from the tree:

The apple is taken from the branch of the tree, with the seed still on it. The seed is then taken off by hand, dried, and steamed. The seed has to be frozen and boiled before the shell can be taken off.

If you’ve ever wondered why cashews are so expensive, this is the reason why.

Then what about the tree where it grows? It is possible to eat, but you might not want to.

The apple is a little bit bitter and watery, so it’s better to use it in jams than to eat it straight from the tree.

This is different from the rich, buttery, and mild taste of cashews.


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