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How many tech coins to get huge hacked cat:

How many tech coins to get huge hacked cat:

How does the Huge Hacked Cat function?

The Huge Hacked Cat is an exclusive pet that is very hard to find. It’s the “Huge” version of the Hacked Cat pet, which is more common. It used to be the strongest pet that wasn’t limited in the whole game. It was also the first huge pet that wasn’t limited.

How much is Huge Hacked Cat worth?

The normal version of Huge Hacked Cat is worth about 65,000,000,000 diamonds at the moment.

How can I obtain a Huge Hacked Cat?

A huge hacked cat could only be obtained by hatching a hacker egg. It has been taken out of the egg.

You can obtain hacker eggs once the hacker gate is opened. The normal one costs 3 billion Tech Coins to hatch, while the golden one costs 27 billion.

To open the hacker gate, you must first open the hacker portal biome. It can be bought for 10 billion Tech-Cyborg Coins and 500,000 diamonds.

A large number of hacked cats are being born.

It was thought that about 0.000009% of Huge Hacked Cat eggs would hatch. People thought it was one of the most rare pets in the game.

There are also the following pets in the hacker egg:

  • Hacked Raccoon (chance of hatching: 91%)
  • Hacked Cat (chance of hatching: 5%)
  • Haxigator (4% chance of hatching)
  • Haxolotl (0.35% hatch rate)
  • 404 Demon (chance of hatching: 0.0004%)
Hacked Huge Cat Charm

In Pet Simulator X, all “Huge” pets are born with the unique enchantment “Best Friend.” With this spell, the pet will be as strong as your strongest pet overall.

Pet Simulator X has other pets.

And that’s how much we think Huge Hacked Cat is worth right now. Want to know how much other pets in Pet Sim X are worth? Check out our guide to Pet Simulator X value lists for a full list of the prices of all the best pets in the game.


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