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How to answer georgia tech supplemental questions

How to answer georgia tech supplemental questions

The Georgia Institute of Technology is the best public technology-focused university in the southeast. Georgia Tech, which is in downtown Atlanta, is always ranked in the top 40 national universities. The Georgia Institute of Technology is the best public technology-focused university in the southeast. Georgia Tech, which is in downtown Atlanta, is always ranked in the top 40 national universities.

At Georgia Tech, engineering, computer science, and math are some of the best majors. Georgia Tech is also known for putting a lot of emphasis on giving students real-world experience. Most students have internships or study abroad.

Georgia Tech is very selective, and the people who decide who gets in will read your essays carefully. Even though it can be hard, CollegeVine is here to help them write their supplemental essay. Read on for tips on how to write an essay for Georgia Tech.

How to Write the Extra Essay for Georgia Tech

This question is simple and hard at the same time. Because your answer is short, you will need to pick and choose from your background and resume to show how Georgia Tech fits into your plans. Here’s how to answer this question:

1. Tell me about yourself and what you like.

In the first part of your answer, you should talk about what attracted you to your planned major. Students often make the mistake of being too general in their answers. Instead, try to say something that is unique to you and your life. One applicant might tell a story about the first time they talked to someone about the subject. Another person might talk about the part of the subject that they find most interesting. Make sure to give specific details, like the names of people, their roles, and the events that led to your decision. Here are a couple of ways to start an essay:

How to answer georgia tech supplemental questions

Weak: “I’ve been interested in civil engineering for as long as I can remember.” I like working with my hands, so engineering has always seemed like a good fit for me. I have also always done well in classes that matter, like math, physics, and computer science. I also knew I wanted to study something that would help improve the world.

Strong: “As an environmental activist, I believe everyone has a social responsibility to help keep the planet healthy, and I’m always looking for new ways I can help with this.” I started the Anti-Litter Volunteer Club when I was in high school. My classmates and I picked up trash on campus and in the neighborhood. As a civil engineer, going to college to follow my passion seemed like the next step in finding ways to protect nature. I’m especially interested in making product packaging out of biodegradable materials to cut down on waste.

This first answer isn’t very good for a number of reasons. The student says they want to work with their hands, but this is a very broad statement that could apply to any type of engineering and many other fields as well. The second answer, on the other hand, shows the admissions officers that this student cares about the environment instead of telling them. The student talks about specific things from their past that shows how much they want to work in civil engineering.

The first applicant also gives superficial reasons, like how good they are in school, which can come off as boastful and dishonest and not like true love for the major. Instead, things you’ve done outside of school, like joining an anti-litter club, show that you’re interested in the subject much more. Lastly, the second applicant talks about an area of civil engineering that they are very interested in. This level of detail makes your answer seem more real, and you can connect to the next part of your essay by using forward-looking language. Remember that these are just snippets, and if your word count allows, you should go into more detail in this area.

2. Relate them to your major choice and the resources available at Georgia Tech.

Once you know why you are interested in your major, you can look into how you can continue to grow that interest at Georgia Tech. This will show you that you are still interested in the school and give you a realistic way to reach your goals. Try to stay away from cliches like “small classroom sizes” and instead talk about things like programs and classes that are only available at Georgia Tech. Here are two examples of what this part means:

Weak: “With the second-best undergraduate civil engineering program, Georgia Tech is a top school that will give me the tools I need to be successful in this field.” I’m excited to take interesting classes, like breadth electives, that will help me learn more about civil engineering and other kinds of engineering. I want to keep learning outside of school, so I plan to join clubs like Engineers Without Borders.

Strong: “Georgia Tech can give me a lot of chances to follow my passion.” For example, I can work with my peers in the Geotechnical Society to make a biodegradable takeout box, and then we can use our prototype design in campus restaurants like Colony Bistro and Bhojanic. I’m also excited to go to the sustainability banquet and hear people like Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, who is a leader in sustainability in Atlanta, talk about their work. Her work on grassroots sustainability innovation and using a cross-cultural lens is similar to what I want to do in civil engineering.

In the first answer, praising what the school has done well is a common mistake. The people in charge of admissions know about statistics and rankings, but they want to know what, besides prestige, makes you interested in this major at this university. The second prompt does this by asking about specific events like the sustainability banquet and a professor’s work that fits closely with the student’s values.

Even though the first question names a Georgia Tech club, the applicant doesn’t explain how they plan to use this resource. The strong answer, on the other hand, talks about society and gives an example of how they might join it. The second answer is much better because it shows admissions officers how you plan to pursue your major on campus instead of just telling them. Again, keep in mind that these are just snippets, and if you have enough words, you should go into more detail in this area.

3. Explain how Georgia Tech will help you get ready for the career or future you want.

At the end of your answer, you should talk about how your interest in your major and your involvement on the Georgia Tech campus will help you in the future. Avoid cliches about making the world a better place and getting smarter and more successful in school and at work. Instead, bring your conclusion back to the point of your essay and say that you want to keep studying this subject after you graduate from college.

Weak: “If I get a degree in civil engineering from Georgia Tech, I’ll be able to follow my interest in this field.” “I’m excited to put the skills I learn to use in my future job.”

Strong: “Taking on projects like these will give me chances to learn by doing, which will make me even more committed to sustainability.” Civil engineering will give me the tools I need to literally build a better world, which is something I’m passionate about and will continue to do after college.

Even though the first response tells the reader what the author plans to do, it doesn’t have enough details or a storylike quality to keep admissions officers interested. The second conclusion, on the other hand, looks to the future while restating the applicant’s goal of sustainability and their chosen major. This gets the reader interested at the right level and gives your answer closure without making it feel like it’s over.

This question is meant to help admissions officers learn about who you are, where you come from, and how you think. You should never just repeat what you’ve done in school and outside of school. Instead, your essay should show readers your interests instead of telling them about them. It should also make your major and career choices seem both logical and like they came from a real passion.

Where You Can Get Your Essay Edited at Georgia Tech

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