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How to Do a Fingerboarding Ollie with a Tech Deck

How to Do a Fingerboarding Ollie with a Tech Deck


Now, this is one of the first fingerboard tricks people want to learn because it helps you learn how to jump over things and do slides and grinds. To do an ollie, put your hand on the fingerboard with your front finger right behind the front four bolts and your back finger right behind the back four bolts.

To get the board into the air, you want to push down on the tail while sliding your front finger up towards the front of the board. This move will propel your board into the air. When you pop your tail on the ground, the board goes up, and when you slide up, it evens out. Then you put it back on the ground. Most people have trouble with the ollie because they can’t get it into the air. This is because they don’t pop the tail hard enough when they land.

How to Do a Fingerboarding Ollie with a Tech Deck

Instead, you should move in a way that is much smoother and less choppy. When learning the ollie for the first time, it helps to have something to jump over so you can see something in your way and know you want to pop the board over it. A fingerboard is a good example. Once you know how to do an ollie well, there are a few different things you can do with it. First, you have to learn how to do a 180-degree ollie. So instead of ollieing straight, you ollie and then use your hand to turn the board 180 degrees.

Once you know how to ollie in the normal stance, you can do it in three other ways. Switch, Nollie, and Fakey All of them are done in the same way as an ollie. The only difference is that you move in a different direction and pop a different tail. For a nollie, you pop off the front of your board as you move forward. For fakey, you move backward while popping off the front of the board. You move backward while popping off the back of the board to switch. This is called the “ollie.”

This Howcast video shows you how to do a tech deck ollie.

How to Do a Fingerboarding Ollie with a Tech Deck


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