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How to get tech parts miles morales Spider-Man suits list

How to get tech parts miles morales: Spider-Man suits list

Miles Morales can wear any Spider-Man outfit that you unlock. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles Morales can wear different Spider-Man suits.

Each suit has a different way to unlock it, but once you have it, you can wear it whenever you want. If you unlock a new Spider-Man suit, you might even get a new suit or visor mod.

Some of Miles’ suits can only be made when you reach a certain level and use activity tokens and tech parts to make them.

Miles Morales told us about the suits and costumes in Spider-Man.

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you can unlock new Spider-Man suits for Miles to wear. Some of these are based on Miles’ look in the comics, while others are completely new.

Not only can you web-sling around Manhattan in style with these suits, but some of them also let you unlock new visors or suit mods that can give Miles an advantage in battle.

How to get tech parts miles morales: Spider-Man suits list

You can get these suits by doing different things, like completing side missions or moving forward in the main story. Once you’ve unlocked a suit, you can switch to it at any time by going to the Suit submenu in the game’s main menu.

After you finish the second main mission, “Parting Gifts,” you can use the Suit menu. After this, you can look at all of your suits and change them whenever you want. On this screen, you can also change your suit and visor mods.

List of Spider-Man costumes man’s and how to get each one. Miles Morales

Below is a list of every suit you can unlock in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, along with how to unlock it and any visor or suit mods it might give you.

It’s important to remember that all of these mods can be used with any suit, not just the one they’re assigned to.

SuitModsHow to unlock
Sportswear SuitN/AHave from the beginning
Great Responsibility SuitN/AComplete the Parting Gift mission
Homemade SuitPower Pitcher (Suit Mod) – Increase the damage of thrown objects.Level 5
8 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Parts
T.R.A.C.K. SuitUntrackable (Visor Mod) – Decreases damage from ranged attacks by 25%Level 6
10 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Parts
Animated SuitStronger Webs (Suit Mod) – Enemies take longer to break out of websLevel 7
20 Activity Tokens
4 Tech Parts
Brooklyn Visions Academy SuitTrick Master (Visor Mod) – Gain bonus Venmon Power for performing Air TricksLevel 8
12 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part
Crimson Cowl SuitGhost Strike (Visor Mod) – Enemies can no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged.Level 9
14 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
S.T.R.I.K.E. SuitVenom Overclock (Visor Mod) – Venom Power generation increases as health drops.Level 10
16 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
The End SuitSteady Focus (Suit Mod) – Slows the rate that Camouflage drains when not moving.Level 11
16 Activity Tokens
2 Tech Parts
Miles Morales 2099 SuitVenom Suppression Resistance (Suit Mod) – Reduces the length of Roxxon Venom Suppression. Activate Camouflage to instantly Roxxon bolas.Level 12
14 Activity Tokens
3 Tech Parts
Into The Spider-Verse SuitVibe The Verse (Suit Mod) – Use this mod to leap into the Spider-Verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different Earth!
Bam! Pow! Wham! (Visor Mod) – Use this mod to peer into the Spider-Verse and visualize combat sound effects as they appear on a different Earth!
Level 13
18 Activity Tokens
4 Tech Parts
Classic SuitZap Slap (Suit Mod) – Creates a concussive force when Underground weapons are shattered.Complete the Time to Rally mission
Uptown Pride SuitN/AComplete all the FNSM app activities
Winter SuitN/AComplete the We’ve Got a Lead! side mission
Miles Morales 2020 SuitN/AComplete all the Spider-Training Challenges
Complete the Final Test side mission
Programmable Matter SuitN/AComplete all Underground Hideouts
Complete all the Roxxon Labs
Complete the Matter Up side mission
Purple Reign SuitReclaimer (Visor Mod) – Replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy.Collect all the Sound Samples
Complete the Back to the Beginning side mission
Bodega Cat SuitN/AFinish the main campaign
Complete the Cat’s Pyjamas side mission
Spider-Training SuitPower Transfer – Turn off the Camouflage early to transfer a portion of the unused Camouflage Energy to Venom Power.Unlocked in New Game +
20 Activity Tokens
1 Tech Part

Miles Morales told us about activity tokens and tech parts in Spider-Man.

In Spider-Man, Miles Morales, if you want to make some of the Spider-Man suits, you’ll need to collect activity tokens and tech parts by doing different tasks.

Activity tokens can be earned by doing a variety of things, such as:

  • Doing Activities on the FNSM App
  • Taking care of side missions
  • Completing Spider-Training
  • Finding samples of sounds
  • The search for time capsules
  • Where to find the postcards
  • Getting into Roxxon Labs
  • Getting rid of crime
How to get tech parts miles morales: Spider-Man suits list

You can locate tech parts by:

  • Finding Underground Caches in Manhattan
  • Getting into Roxxon Labs
  • Getting into underground hiding places
  • Opening the underground caches you find on main missions, infiltrations of Roxxon Lab, and infiltrations of underground hideouts.

You can also use both activity tokens and tech parts to improve your gadgets and build visors and suits.

If you want to learn more about Miles Morales, check out our main mission lists. They have links to all of our other Spider-Man: Miles Morales guides.


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