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How to get the tech head in Roblox:

How to get the tech head in Roblox:

Roblox has teamed up with Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, to give players of the popular game unique items. Anyone with a valid Prime Gaming membership and a Roblox account can get these items. The Tech Head Hat is one of the things you can get as a member. See our guide below to find out how to get the Tech Head Hat from Prime Gaming in Roblox.

Tech Head Hat Prime Gaming Reward

To be able to wear this special hat, you will need to make sure you have a few things. First, you need a Roblox account. Second, you need a Prime Gaming membership that is still active. Go to the Prime Gaming Loot page once you have checked both of these boxes. Look for the tech hat on the Roblox box on this page. In this box is a button that says “Claim.” To go to the Roblox items page, press the Claim button. On this page, you can see what Prime Gaming will offer in the future. Follow these steps after you click and claim the Tech Head Hat:

How to get the tech head in Roblox:
How to get the tech head in Roblox:

1. Start Roblox and add accessories to the Tech Hat.
2. Start the Arsenal game inside Roblox.
3: On the Arsenal home screen, click the Prime Gaming pop-up.
4. Click “Redeem Item” to get the Arsenal Tech-Head Skin for your character.

4. Get the skin ready, and have fun!

Follow the steps above to get the Tech Head and the special Arsenal Tech character skin. When you unlock the items, you can put them on your characters however you want. The skin and hat set is one of many hats and skins that will be available through Prime Gaming. Check back later, because we will talk about the other Robox items that Prime Gaming is giving away.


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