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How to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

How to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

Do you want to check out Tech City, Glitch, and other cool biomes? Check out this Pet Simulator X guide to learn how to get into the tech world.

In Pet Simulator X, one of the most sought-after goals is to get into the Tech World. It is the game’s third world, and here’s how to get there quickly.

The main goal of the Pet Simulator games on Roblox is to add more pets to your collection, but over time, the developers have added new features to spice things up. Pet Simulator X, the third game in the series, has a lot of different biomes and worlds.

In Pet Simulator X, you start your journey in the Spawn World. After that, you collect coins, fantasy coins, and tech coins to unlock new worlds and biomes with more rewards. Compared to other games like Pet Swarm Simulator, this is a very different experience. In Pet Simulator, one of these worlds is the Tech World. Here’s everything you need to know to get there.

How to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

How to get into Tech World in Pet Simulator X and what you need to do

To get into the Tech World in Pet Simulator X, you must meet these requirements:

  • Get access to Fantasy World.
  • Have 7,500,000,000,000,000 coins of fantasy.

Pet Simulator X: How to Get into the Tech World

To get to the Tech World in Pet Simulator X, do the following:

  • In Pet Simulator X, the way to get to Tech World is through Spawn World.
  • Visit the Glacier in the Spawn World and spend your 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coins to open the Tech Entry.
  • Go close to the Tech World wall and press E. Check the payment for fantasy coins.
  • Inside, you’ll find a big chest with 4000 trillion health and a cannon that fires you toward Dark City.

How to Earn Fantasy Points in Pet Simulator X

Getting to the Tech World in Pet Simulator X is not hard because of how to get there, but because of how many Fantasy Coins you need to unlock it. So, here are a few ways to get Fantasy Points quickly in Pet Simulator X:

  • From the Exclusive Shop, you can buy Fantasy Coin Boosts. With these boosts, you can do normal things and get three times as many Fantasy Coins.
  • Grind chests on the Fantasy World’s Ancient Island.
  • You can give your pets magic from Fantasy World’s Enchanted Forest.
  • Try to get as many golden pets as you can by trading Sumari eggs with your friends.

Overall, this is all you needed to know to get to the Tech World in Pet Simulator X. For more like this on Roblox games, see Adopt Me codes, Little World codes, and how to get a translator in Bee Swarm Simulator. 


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