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Tech ceo apologizes after over capitol

Tech ceo apologizes after over capitol:

TOPLINE: On July 4, tech executive Michael Lofthouse was caught on camera making racist comments to an Asian family in a California restaurant. On Saturday, he confirmed that he had stepped down as CEO of the IT company Solid8. Lofthouse said in a statement that he quit earlier this week after insulting an Asian family celebrating a birthday at a restaurant in Carmel, California, on July 4.

On Saturday, he told the San Francisco Chronicle that he wants to talk to the family he attacked. He also said, “My comments about the families involved were racist, hurtful, and very wrong.” “What was said deserved the reactions it got.” During the incident, Jordan Chan took a video of Lofthouse and posted it to Instagram. In the video, Lofthouse held up his middle finger and said to her family:

Then, someone who worked at the restaurant told Lofthouse to leave. Lofthouse later apologized, saying, “It’s clear that I lost control and said things that were very hurtful and caused division.” I want to say I’m very sorry to the Chan family.

Tech ceo apologizes after over capitol:

Lofthouse told the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday, “I can confirm that I have left Solid8 and cut off all business ties right away.” “I will make it my responsibility to make sure that my actions don’t continue to hurt the people closest to me.”

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rise in racism against Asian Americans, which Democratic senators have spoken out against. Yet, President Trump has stoked racial tensions by calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.” He stopped doing this, but last month at a rally in Tulsa, he called it the “Kung Flu.” The Lofthouse clip is just one of many videos of white people making racist threats to black people. Amy Cooper was fired from Franklin Templeton after she called the police on a black birdwatcher, Christian Cooper. Last month, lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey were caught on camera in St. Louis pointing guns at protesters.


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