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Valve gabe newell teases consolerelated plans

Valve gabe newell teases consolerelated plans

During a recent question and answer session, Valve’s co-founder and president, Gabe Newell, hinted that the company might bring Steam games to consoles.

The session took place at Sancta Maria College in Auckland, New Zealand. A user named Odysseic (via VGC) recorded a student’s question and Newell’s answer and posted them to Reddit.

When asked, “Will Steam be bringing any games to consoles, or will it just stay on PC?” Newell answers, “You’ll know more by the end of the year, and it won’t be the answer you expect.” You’ll say, ‘Ah-ha! Now I understand what he meant.'”

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The things Newell has said are, of course, pretty vague, and this has led to a lot of speculation. Most people think that what he said means that Valve might plan to bring its own games, which are currently only on Steam, to consoles in the future. Valve games have been put on consoles before, so this is not impossible.

What is it trying to say?
People often say that Valve’s recent VR game Half-Life: Alyx would be a good choice for porting, especially since the PSVR 2 is coming out soon.

In an interview at the beginning of this year, Newell said that Valve is currently working on more than one game. He also said that working on the single-player game Alyx “gave the company a lot of momentum to do more of that.” Is it possible that Valve has its sights set on console ports instead of new games for this new wave?

Given that Newell’s first answer was already surprising, it’s hard to imagine how the real answer could be even more surprising. Bringing Steam Machines back to life would be a surprise, but it’s not likely to happen. Not too long ago, The Gamer reported a rumor that Valve was trying to get Xbox Game Pass on Steam, which would be an interesting turn of events.

So, even though this is all a little bit of a mystery, Newell has told us that some of our questions might be answered by the end of 2021. From now until then, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any clues about what Valve might be planning.


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