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What episode does billy die in stranger things

What episode does billy die in stranger things:

Stranger Things season 4 proves that Billy is really dead, so is Suzie really to blame for Billy’s death? Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery, is technically killed by the Mind Flayer when he tries to stop it from attacking Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, in the season 3 finale. However, there is a strong case that Suzie, played by Millie Bobby Brown, killed Billy. Considering how important Suzie is again in Stranger Things season 4, it’s important to ask if she accidentally killed Billy in season 3 by making the gang’s mission to close the gate to the Upside Down take longer.

In the Stranger Things season 3 episode “The Battle of Starcourt,” Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) try to close the gate by turning off the machine and drilling into the Upside Down. But before they can do that, they have to get into the safe that holds the keys to the portal drill. Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) gives them the wrong code for Planck’s constant, which is the code to the safe. When this happens, Dustin uses the radio transmitter to ask Suzie for the correct number. Dustin says he needs the number to save the world, but Suzie doesn’t understand how important it is, so she holds the number hostage until Dustin sings “The Never Ending Story.”

What episode does billy die in stranger things
What episode does billy die in stranger things:

In season 4 of Stranger Things, Suzie plays another important role in helping to find the Nina Project, but this time she does it without putting anyone in danger. Even though Suzie and Dustin’s duet in season 3 was sweet, it may have slowed down what Hopper and Joyce were doing and made it necessary for Billy to die to save Eleven, Max (Sadie Sink), and her friends. But during Stranger Things, there were a lot of other things that could have led to Billy’s death. Here’s why Billy died and why it looks like Suzie killed Billy, even though she didn’t mean to and it wasn’t directly her fault.

Max spends most of Stranger Things season 4 mourning the death of her brother in Stranger Things season 3, but her brother’s death was the right thing for his character arc. Billy’s death in Stranger Things was a big turning point for his character, given how violent and mean he was most of the time. Billy was also badly damaged by the Mind Flayer for most of the previous season, so it’s possible that he was already dead before his dramatic death in Starcourt Mall.

What episode does billy die in stranger things:

All of the “flayed” people in Hawkins damaged their bodies irreparably by taking drugs. Billy, who drank pool chemicals, was one of them. The people of the town turned into the goo that made up the Mind Flayer’s body so that it could physically exist in our world. Billy’s body was also being prepared for this, so once the Mind Flayer let go of him, he probably wouldn’t have been able to go back to normal or live much longer. Still, there were ideas before season 4 of Stranger Things that Billy would come back. By episode 7, though, these ideas have been proven wrong for good, and Billy is really dead.

Billy may have been killed by more than one person, so it’s not entirely true that Suzie killed Billy all by herself in Stranger Things. In Stranger Things, Suzie’s insistence that Dustin sing their favorite song with her might have caused a delay that led to Billy’s death, but she didn’t cause it herself. Murray would not have had to ask Suzie for help if he hadn’t given Joyce and Hopper the wrong code for Planck’s constant at first.

And based on how the ending was put together, Joyce could also be a factor. After she stopped the gate from closing so she could spend a moment with Hopper, she lost a lot of time. If she had finished the job sooner, the Mind Flayer might not have killed Billy when it stuck its claws into his heart. Even though Hopper didn’t die, Billy probably would have died anyway because being freed from the Mind Flayer’s control wouldn’t have cleaned his body of the poisons that were already in it.

Even though Billy is still dead in Stranger Things season 4, Suzie makes a big comeback in episode 6 that more than makes up for how she was sidelined in season 3 and may have had something to do with Billy’s death. Mike, Jonathan, Will, and Argyle go to Salt Lake City to see Suzie and ask for her help finding the Nina Project’s location using an IP address. Suzie’s return to Stranger Things in season 4 is great. Not only does she do a good job of hacking the computer, but she also shows again that she is one of the show’s smartest characters and has a lot of funny wits. Suzie’s huge group of siblings also makes for a funny, charming, and full-of-personality moment, which is a nice contrast to the overall darker tone of season 4 so far.


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